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Custom Pulpits and Podiums

We produce custom pulpits and podiums offering exclusive design and craftsmanship, Using glass as a the creative canvas where personalized branding can portrayed elegantly, enhancing each creation with materials such as Wood, Stainless Steel uniting all and complementing each piece with custom engravings.

PULPIT DELIRIO ( Lectern delirio )  gif-animados-WebDiseno-New_63745

Version with wooden base with wheels and indirect lighting system.



Our new design is a Lectern made of wood, glass and aluminum, has a LED lighting system, with leveling feet that isolates the subfloor; carved box that absorbs light and two columns in solid wood. Simple and inexpensive but with a very high-impact design.






Flight versions eagle Lectern is the best choice when it comes to beauty and economy, it is a Lectern with much impact as it casts it light systems on the front or from the ground. It can be combined with wood or glass components.

The simplest versions of the Lectern Eagle flight are cheaper, have no basis illuminated, but its contemporary design makes the platform completely change the style, if you don’t have a big budget this may be one of the best options in decoration.


The Fortaleza Lectern is one of the best selling designs in Colombia and the United States, its structure is made of solid wood and after the first invention evolved resulting in 3 versions of this same design. The simplest and cheapest consists of a steel headband and cut glass down, you can change whenever they want in this way can present their appearance in different ways without making a big investment. Another version is a single glass on the front. The latter is a sheet of glass and steel on the front where you can project indirect light thus achieved a better impact. This Lectern institutions have acquired as Colombia’s national police, Expolit Miami, universities and commercial malls in their audiences together.

pulpito-fortaleza-pulpit-for-churchs-fortress pulpito-fortaleza-pulpit-lectern-fortress


This Lectern comprises an amount of glass strips have different heights giving the effect as a cascade, has a wooden base where the lighting system and the wheels are located for managing it better. The front glass has a rustic cutting is achieved by carving up through it from one side to another. It can be done in two sizes.

pulpito-manantial-cascade-pulpit pulpito-manantial-cascade-pulpit-lectern


Lectern glass having a base in solid wood, evoking the five ministries that speaks to the apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11, being the foundation inscription that the Lord is the same never changes and ends with 5 diamond forming the name of Jesus. This is a Lectern that has a very powerful message and presents the Lord as the architect of the church from beginning to end. The blaze of glory has a lighting system that makes the letters being noticed because the inscriptions being within the glass.



This is the best selling Lectern in Colombia, of great beauty by its columns, it is the classic structure of the wooden Lectern but totally made of glass, in his painting a message that is carved and painted projects, it can be done in two sizes depending the budget.