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11950 FM 1960 Rd W Houston TX 77065-3893, United States

1 (832) 9170751 - 1 (832) 5405605 contacto@mardecristal.us

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We Specialize in creating beautifully crafted custom pulpits and podiums. Mar de Cristal is based in Houston, Texas and we strive to providing the best products in the industry at the highest quality – Guaranteed. We fabricate and sell a vatiety of custom wood pulpits, glass podiums, church pulpits and custom furniture. We personally hand craft all of our wood church furniture including our beautiful custom church podiums.

We sell to the United States and Canada. Our head office is in North America: 11950 FM 1960 Rd W Houston TX 77065-3893, United States.
Phone:  1 (832) 9170751 – 1 (832) 5405605



Nilson Marulanda Quintero, nilson-marulanda-quintero-el-artistadirector, designer and company legal representative, distributor for Colombia and throughout Latin America.
Address: Calle 29 No 26-44 Tulua-Valle
Phone: +57 (2) 231 6247
Mobile: 3137167328






Distribution for Canada, the USA, Spain and other countries in Latin America and Europe.

In the United States we have company headquarters in Houston, Texas, where Mrs. Lizeth Lopez Marulanda,  sister of  designer Nilson Marulanda, can provide timely information or communicate your concerns.
Address: 11950 FM 1960 Rd W Houston TX 77065-3893 USA. Phone: 1 (832) 540-5605

Email:  contacto@mardecristal.us

From Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico,  call us (832) 917-0751.


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