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About us

Creating the idea of imposing new trends and mastering the arts of design, Mar de Cristal has blended the matter of raw materials to create a and produce Masterful and unique pieces of decorative furniture. These are Custom Pulpits and Podiums utilizing glass as an ornament to bring unique qualities and exclusiveness to each of the pieces made to custom perfection.

In order to make such a defining statement a team with extensive training has been established to which our sole mission is to provide the highest level of client satisfaction in all our work.

Solid foundations, principles and compromise are key in all the processes handled by our organization true to who we are. Custom Pulpits and Podiums

Produce unique and innovative pieces of decorative furniture establishing a name brand recognized for exclusive design and craftsmanship, Using glass as a the creative canvas where personalized branding can portrayed elegantly, enhancing each creation with materials such as Wood, Stainless Steel uniting all and complementing each piece with custom engravings.

14 years for the glory of God!

Recognizing good performance, in any line of human production, is fair and is a repeatitive of those efforts for the betterment of society. When you see elements or raw materials become work of art you immediately know and feel that God has intervened directly. The successes achieved by our organizations has been through the help of our Lord.

Seeing the dreams become reality gives us the strength and helps the enthusiastic people who make up today Mar de Cristal. The great recognition of all the brethren which are located in the world in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ compels us to develop new and better jobs.

It is very gratifying for me to imagine that 12 years ago happened a unexpected a transition that changed my life and I turned myself to God’s gifts in glass art. It all started with the development of a Letter in the United Pentecostal Church of Colombia’s Cali Trunk, whose minister was the brother Octavio Valencia corner, then the first glass pulpit marked the beginning of my new life, which over time would trigger a series of events that would give birth to the company that today works for quality and innovation expressing the deep sense of what we want for the of “ future Mar de Cristal”.

We have operated now for more than 14 years. I want to highlight the most important achievements we have made. The market penetration in Europe, starting with the pulpits made for the pastor Julio López in Barcelona, Spain, and his brother Luis Enrique Lopez in Genoa, Italy, people who believed in us and allowed us to demonstrate that when you work with love the results and products will always be unique as is now exhibited in these two churches. The projection we have achieved in the United States allowed us to get our products to provide key customers, such as Latin American Pentecostal Church of Houston, Miami Expolit and many others in cities like Richmond, Chicago, Marshall, Los Angeles and many more.

The providers became the National Police of Colombia, not only the importance of this institution, but also for what it represents for us as a proof of confidence and high quality standards required by this type of organization, which has served us reference for other organizations such as the Universidad Central del Valle headquarters Tulua Coomeva, Comfenalco, among many others.

In late 2010, work began on the island of San Andres, resulting in customer care the United Pentecostal Church of Colombia in its most important venues, Baptist Churches, hotels and the best companies in the area.

The latest major achievements has been penetrating the market in Ecuador where already installed the first job in the Apostolic Church of the Name of Jesus in the Lago Agrio, where the minister Hugo Parra is the pastor and one of the key leaders in that sister country,this achievement has now opened many important doors in Cuenca, Guayaquil, Porto Viejo and many others.

We have achieved national recognition, as the company historically has set a record of over 700 pulpits and lecterns throughout the Colombian territory, giving a rise to the diversification of many designs and implementing new materials such as wood and steel, innovation now based on new lighting effects that make it even more impressive these new designs, and furniture of all kinds for home, business and construction.

In the region where our headquarter is located, we are the leading manufacturer of accessories and luxury goods in glass goods, serving private enterprise and trade generally, generate new jobs which means progress to Christian families in a country with few opportunities.

We have established ourselves as the best, thanks to the confidence of all pastors, especially the United Pentecostal Church of Colombia, headed by the consistory of elders, whose president’s brother Alvaro Torres, who have allowed us realizarles exclusive high quality jobs and beauty.

In this twelve year anniversary, we can not fail to mention to my manager and pastor’s brother Orbein Hermida, who has been where I marked the route to be followed, along with brother Octavius. Also noteworthy churches around the country who have served with all integrity as the Seventh-day Adventist Church, The Christian and Missionary Colombia, Pan American Church, The Square, The Presbyterian, The International Pentecostal, The United Pentecostal Colombia, Baptist Church and many more.

It only remains to thank all those who daily join me in this adventure, the whole team, Jairus, Philip Orlando, Esteven, Olga, my children for their help and understanding, the prayers of my mother and moral and unconditional support of my family, my wife without it we would not have come so far and that so much has had to sacrifice for this dream, but above all to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that placed in me the gifts and His grace to create so many beautiful things, inspired in him, designed to make an offering for each product, with each work and each action. Everything we do must be excellent because they are for Him, for His glory and honor to be recognized Him as one who does something great when one is placed in his hands.

We will remain committed to the quality of our product and process innovation esmerándonos with the aim of giving the Lord and his Church better, why do the invitation to all pastors in Colombia and the world and our customers in general, when you think of doing something for our God and Savior, only the best, as did Abel in the book of Genesis. Our Lord does not deserve sacrifices with little effort, cheap efforts, pirated or bad copies sacrifices that only manage the dissatisfaction and disgust in the same congregations.

Mar de Cristal is a serious and religious company, which can count itself as an honest supplier, which manufactures and has patented it´s designs and in the course of it´s responsibility built an international image.

Marulanda Nilson Quintero
CEO and Founder.


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