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Mar de Cristal is a serious and religious company, which can count itself as an honest supplier, which manufactures and has patented it´s designs and in the course of it´s responsibility built an international image.


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About Us Mar de Cristal

We are a enterprise with more than 14 years of operations. Created in Colombia, we have penetration in Europe, the projection we have achieved in the United States allowed us to get our products to provide key customers, such as Latin American Pentecostal Church of Houston, Miami Expolit and many others in cities like Richmond, Chicago, Marshall, Los Angeles and many more.

Our products

We have blended the matter of raw materials to create a and produce Masterful and unique pieces of decorative furniture. We design and manufacture glass pulpits in churches, home furniture, plaques and trophies, divisions for bath, aquariums.

Work we provide

From glass to stainless steel, to handcrafted wood furniture, we can provide the best product in the industry, come and see.

Home forniture

We provide the best solutions when it comes to beautifully crafted furniture for your church.

Great desing

Nilson Marulanda Quintero, the artist. The draw, the paint and the art of carving glass, are its greatest strengths. He is a constant researcher of new techniques and alternatives in the handling of glass, giving as a result of his work, unique pieces. The ability to create and express emotions in his works, have given him that individuality and recognition; Many of his works are already exported to the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries of Latin America, and his projection is to make a presence around the world.

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Phone: 1 (832) 9170751 - 1 (832) 5405605 Address: 11950 FM 1960 Rd W Houston TX 77065-3893 Estados Unidos


Why work with us

Because we are creative people that make awesome things. OUR CUSTOMERS SAY:

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Pastor David Cortez

We are highly pleased, satisfied and grateful for this work, which they do note with high quality and love. As the altar where Christ is preached and we were looking for something with high distinction and organization Mar de Cristal delivered us this

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Pastor Reinel Galvis

The United Pentecostal Church of Colombia, Cali headquarters in occasion of gratitude for the work done, highlight the guarantees and how pleased we are to see that met desired in this art so wonderful that God has given him.

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Pastor Juan Carlos Monsalve

Mar de cristal has been a company that reflects the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit which brother Nilson, for many years has filled a gap in the area of the Lecterns and accessories needed for beautification and good presentation of Christian places of worship.

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